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Here at Education Staffing Solutions, we try our best to keep our teachers and support staff happy, but don't just take our word for it see what others have to say!

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I joined ESS at the end of last year and was immediately welcomed by Collette which was reassuring as working in education was a new step for me. Throughout my time with ESS, I was placed in suitable schools that were a good fit for my location and personality. I didn't feel pushed into any placements and felt that the communication between me and the agency was easy and honest. Although I am not continuing with ESS due to finding a full-time placement for the next academic year, I cannot recommend them highly enough for primary school placements if you are looking for work. Many thanks to Collette and the team. Angharad :)

Angharad Williams-Brunt (Teaching Assistant)


Having been made redundant from a long career in the Financial services industry, I took a break from working and decided to use the opportunity to try something new.  I contacted ESS in March to find out about working at Ysgol y Deri, and after doing some voluntary work initially, I was able to work as a supply LSA at the school.  ESS have been extremely helpful in providing me with work on a regular basis, which has given me the experience necessary to pursue a new career in the education sector.Working with the children at Ysgol Y Deri is a really rewarding job, there is never a dull moment and you meet some truly inspiring children.  I feel privileged to be part of such a professional and caring organisation.  ESS have been instrumental in helping me find a new career pathway and I can highly recommend them.  

Sandra Hayes Widling (Teaching Assistant)


I joined Ess as a teacher assistant. Ess has been one of the best experiences of my life, I have gained so much confidence going to different placements and different classes. Ess placed me at a school and I was covering sickness for a long period of time, the school then offered me a contract after the end of the school term, if it wasn't for Ess I wouldn't have got where I am today, so I would like to thank every one that has helped me gain my confidence and get me to where I wanted to be! Would recommend the agency to anyone! :) Emma Preston


I started working part time for Educational Staffing Solutions back 2009 as a teaching assistant whilst I was undertaking my degree in Educational Studies. I worked in a special needs school whenever I had time off University to build up my experience, knowledge and understanding of working with children with Special Needs. After finishing my degree, I started working full time with ESS in the same SEN school. Shortly after, I was given the opportunity to cover a maternity leave position for ESS which resulted in me managing the SEN consultant side of the supply agency. I was extremely lucky as I was given full training and always had the support and guidance from the other colleagues whenever and wherever I needed it. Whilst covering the maternity leave, I also still worked at the SEN school. Once the maternity cover finished, I wanted to gain experience in a mainstream school in order to develop my understanding of how learning progresses. Education Staffing Solutions gave me the opportunity to do this and I was granted a full time position in a Catholic mainstream school in Cardiff. Following on from my mainstream experience, I went for an interview for my PGCE Primary course and was given a conditional offer to start in September, 2015. Since being on the PGCE course I regularly keep in contact with ESS and they have provided me with so much help and support. Education Staffing Solutions have provided me with the opportunity’s to progress in my career and helped me through each step of the way. I look forward to going back to ESS to gain further experience in supply Teaching, and I know they will continue to support, guide and advise me on which position they believe would be suitable for my Teaching approaches and personality.

 The best supply agency around!!

Felicity Anderson (SEN TA, Covered as a consultant and once i've completed my PGCE will register as a Teacher with ESS)


I cannot speak highly enough of Education Staffing Solutions (ESS)

I joined them at the end of last year and have received regular work at Ysgol Y Deri in a variety of classes since then.   

From the first interview and meeting Rhiannon she has been supportive, helpful and very approachable.

Her constant communication and updates on work available provide me with a degree of stability I wasn’t expecting from Agency work, and I would not hesitate in recommending ESS

 Karen Locke, Teaching Assistant


I have loved my time working for ESS this school year. Being an NQT wanting to work in an SEN environment, I thought it was going to be difficult for me to find work in this field. However, my consultant Rhiannon listened to the kind of work I wanted and I had a long-term position in an SEN school days after signing up! I couldn’t believe it. I started as an LSA and within a matter of months I have regular teaching days and am now undertaking my NQT induction at the school! I think this is down to the relationship ESS have with their staff and also with the schools they work with. As a result, they really are able to not only offer you work on a daily basis but are also able to help you progress.

The signing up process was easy. The agency got back to me straight and arranged a date to meet (as I know from experience many agencies promise to get back to you and you never hear from them again!!) There has been no shortage of work and I have been offered work every day that I have wanted it all year. I am often told of work in advance so there is no waiting by the phone each morning!

As an NQT who was nervous signing up to agency work, I am glad that I found ESS! I would definitely recommend. 

Amy Williams (Teacher)


I have worked for Education Staffing Solutions for the past two years. This is my first position since finishing a teaching degree. I joined the agency in the hope of gaining work experience in the Special Education Sector. I have not only gained this valuable knowledge and experience, I have joined a school and work team that support and encourage my desire to further my career opportunities.  I have also gained further essential training through ESS and the school, due to the many courses that are available.

Throughout my time with ESS, I feel that as an employee my needs have been met and any difficulties have been overcome with the help from the reliable and dependable office staff whom are always on hand to offer friendly and excellent advice. I am very happy with ESS as I believe all my individual employment and training needs are met. 

Claire Knight (Teaching Assistant)

"Since I signed up with ESS just over a year ago they have been absolutely brilliant.  They get me work consistently (and almost always book me in advance, rather than leaving me sitting by the phone); they are really professional and well organised (clear communication and no mistakes with bookings; everything's recorded on their app, which makes it really straightforward); and I always feel looked after: rather than being just another name on the list, I feel as if my well being matters to the staff.  I would  definitely recommend ESS to anyone looking to join a supply teaching agency in South Wales".

Amy Richards (Teacher)

Education Staffing Solutions (ESS) are a highly commendable supply agency who provide schools from Primary to Secondary mainstream and SEN a professional service, supplying schools with highly experienced and qualified Teachers, LSA and TA’s. As a supply contractor for ESS I have first-hand experience of their commitment to their contractors and the Schools they work within.

I began working for ESS September 2015 with regular work being offered across a variety of Key stages, this has given me invaluable experience and a more thorough understanding of the Education system, more importantly, the exponential knowledge from a teaching assistant’s perspective to assist with my professional development. As a consequence, I have been able to choose with confidence a specific career pathway within the education sector. I couldn’t have done this without the continued support and opportunities ESS have provided me.

Rhiannon Owens (Teaching Assistant)


Working at Ysgol Y Deri has been a pleasure.

Beginning work in a new environment can be daunting, but from my first day I was made to feel welcome. My ESS consultant Rhiannon gave me a brief tour of the school, and her friendliness helped put me at ease. I could instantly tell that it was going to be a special place to work. In my first few weeks I was shown patience and understanding from every member of staff whilst I was still finding my feet. I was encouraged and felt supported and valued, something that has continued to this day.

Ysgol Y Deri has a very open work culture. I give and receive feedback, and always feel listened to and appreciated. It also has the friendliest work atmosphere I have ever experienced, full of cheery people with generous spirits. The job itself is incredible, and fun! The school is full of big characters, and there's never a dull moment. It can be challenging, but that's what makes it rewarding. It's a privilege to work with these children and it inspires you to better yourself. For the first time in my life I feel happy and fulfilled at work, and I would highly recommend getting in touch with ESS if you think this is the job for you. Give it a shot!

Anthony Doherty (Teaching Assistant)


"ESS are a fantastic agency to work for. I was with other agencies and had no work from September to November - signed up with ESS on a Tuesday and was out working on the Wednesday. Had pretty constant work since then and they are a pleasure to deal with. Highly recommend."

Melissa Smith

"I love working for ESS. They are extremely helpful and always find work. They are also very supportive if you need help. The courses they put on are also extremely useful. The staff are all very friendly and its a great company to work for and I always recommend ESS to supply staff when I meet other supply teachers in schools."

Emily Morton, Secondary Teacher 

"Education staffing solutions has found me ongoing work and a long term placement. "The quality of ESS's services are second to none." I have worked with ESS since 2011. I found it difficult securing a full time position and supply was recommended to me. I was recruited by Owen, who at the time was confident he could find me work and this has proved to be the case. He has found me ongoing weekly work and also a longer term placement. Owens's attention to detail is meticulous. I have always found him to be professional, approachable and knowledgeable. Owen, on several occasions, has gone out of his way to help and support me and make me feel a valuable part of ESS's team. Thank you for what you do."

Nikki Blackman, Primary Teacher

"I had a very good experience while working for ESS. The initial registration process was very simple and the staff were helpful and friendly, as at the time I was new into supply teaching. ESS constantly strived to find me work not only on a day-to-day basis but also for long term periods. ESS would also try their best to book about a week prior to the appointment, as a supply teacher being booked in advance is a great help to let you prepare. ESS also attempt to get you into long term contracts, I was put forward for an interview through working for ESS, this is a brilliant gateway into getting that contracted job you want. They also try to fit around you and any other work you might do. ESS text and phone on a regular basis to see if you need work and are also flexible to when you can't work or if something arises and you need to cancel, as long as this is in advance. Wherever possible ESS also gave as much information about the school as they could including the daily timetable and any other policies you might need to see to ensure that your time at that school is successful and you slot in easily. I have to say that while working for other supply agencies at the same time as ESS I had a better working relationship with ESS due to the fact that all staff are approachable, understanding and out for your best interest."

Sophie Davies, Primary Teacher

"Yr wyf wedi dod o hyd I wasanaeth ESS I fod yn gyson ac o safon uchel. Maent yn gwrtais, ddefnyddiol ac yn hawdd i ddelio gyda. Rwyf wedi dderbyniwyd llawer o waith cyflenwi drwy ESS ac yr wyf yn gweithio bron bob dydd o'r wythnos. Maent yn dda iawn wrth gefnogi athrawon cyflenwi gyda chyrsiau perthnasol, hyfforddiant sefydlu a materion addysgol diweddaraf"

Cari Griffiths, Athrawes Ysgol Gynradd

"I have been very impressed with the work of ESS. I started off as a supply teacher with ESS and I was getting regular and continuous work. They found me work in a variety of schools which I feel helped me gain a lot of experience, but also allowed me to become familiar with schools to aid continuity. The communication with staff was always great and I felt like they cared about trying to get me as much supply work as possible and to make links for possible more permanent future placements, and I have gained temporary contracts in two schools which ESS sent me to through supply."

Holly Hill, Primary Teacher

"I have worked for ESS for over a year and find them friendly and professional. They have helped my professional development by informing me of courses that are running. They have matched me with good schools in my local area which has allowed me to build good relationships with them. I would highly recommend ESS as a supportive supply agency."

Megan Jacques, Primary Teacher

"Alison and the team at ESS are a very professional, supportive and helpful team to work for. Whenever I am available to work they will always find me somewhere to go.
The CPD course which is provided offers valuable training opportunities for Supply teachers and a great chance to meet other people in the same boat as you."

Rachel Prosser, Secondary Teacher

"As a newly qualified teacher starting supply teaching for the first time was a daunting experience. However the staff at ESS listened, advised and supported me from the beginning. They are approachable and friendly and matched my work with my chosen area of teaching. I recommend ESS to everyone"

Haylee Grannell, Primary Teacher

“ESS are a professional, personal and caring agency where you are much more than just a number on a call sheet.”

Timothy Fawell, Primary Teacher

“Education Staffing Solutions consistently take pride in ensuring they offer an impeccable service to each and every school. Having worked for ESS as a Primary Teacher since 2008, I have been delighted and overwhelmed with the service I have received and the wealth of experience and opportunities that I have achieved through their continuous support. ESS truly care and cater for each individual and no other agency can compare or come close to offering the same high standards. If you haven't registered with ESS, then make it your top priority. You most certainly will not be disappointed. Thank you for enabling a prosperous and wonderful start to my teaching career!”

Sarah Pitman, Primary Teacher

"I have worked consistently with ESS over the last year and found them to be professional and helpful at all times. They are very knowledgeable in the field of education and are really interested in furthering your career through offering a great professional development scheme"

Sarah Thomas, Primary Teacher working within SEN

"Education Staffing Solutions are a great agency to work for. Celine and Judith are really friendly and helpful and have always managed to find me work. They are excellent at communicating and keeping you updated with work coming in and also provide you with directions and information about the schools. They also frequently offer a range of beneficial courses. "

Katy Richards, Secondary Teacher working within SEN

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